Now - Virginia Prodan Ministries - is using Virginia Prodan's victorious experience under persecution as a powerful example and as a starting point to Encourage, Equip and Empower Families and Leaders to live a courageous and victorious life under any circumstances too.


“I should be dead. Buried in an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously, I am not. Apparently, God had other plans.”

— Virginia Prodan, Saving My Assassin

Virginia Prodan Ministries

Why did I write “Saving My Assassin?” Why did I wait until nearly three decades after I fled Romania for America to tell my story?

My complete life story is not finished because God is still calling me to greater things, but I was shaken by a powerful event that completed one chapter of my story.

  • 1985

    Bucharest, Romania: A trained assassin intent on killing me walked into my office. After years of fighting a corrupt Communist regime and defending Christians, this was the end of the road. But, God saved me that day. He also saved the man opposite me holding a gun ready to fire.

  • 2010

    Dallas, Texas: A trained assassin formerly intent on killing me walked into my office. I did not recognize him at first. As he spoke, my pulse quickened and my blood chilled. Was this the final plot to end me? Or, was this the most amazing reminder I could ever receive from God of the power of his transformative Truth?

Reviews For Saving My Assassin

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)

President/CEO, National Center for Policy Analysis - Member of 112th US Congress

“Virginia Prodan’s new book Saving My Assassin, is a relevant read. The story of a Christian attorney fighting for religious liberty against persecution in Romania is timely for us in America. We are seeing growing prosecution against the Judeo-Christian faith heritage and individual religious freedom here in America. There could be no better time to hear Virginia’s story than now. And she enlightens us to a real aspect of the infamous ‘War on Women’ – that ideological conflagration against Christian women. Virginia’s book tells her story – one of being strong and of good courage.”

Cathie Adams

President of Texas Eagle Forum

“Virginia Prodan’s love for America is palpable. Saving My Assassin will convince you that preserving American superpower serves not only her citizens, but also impacts countless lives around the globe that are enslaved by Marxism. ”

Sara Roggan

President, Christian Legal Society SMU Law School

“Saving My Assassin is a great reminder of the powerful God we serve and the hope and strength He offers us when we obey Him. I was very encouraged by Virginia Prodan’s story!”

Ed Martin

President, Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum

"Saving My Assassin is explosive! It is a celebration of awe-inspiring bravery filled with unforgettable moments! Virginia’s courage to stand up for her belief’s, and for others in the face of death, serves as an encouragement to those of us who strive to do the same! She is a heroine of our time—a strong woman with a strong message. Virginia’s memoir motivates you to discover not only the courage in you and the power of your voice, but also the purpose for your life! Everyone should read Saving My Assassin—a message that will stay with you long after the last chapter ends!”

Dr. Frank Turek

Award-winning author and coauthor “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”; Christian Apologist & President of

"Saving My Assassin is a riveting true story of a young woman standing for Christ in a government that would rather have her dead. It’s not only entertaining, but Virginia’s story provides the kind of inspiration and example that you may need as our world continues to darken."

Kelly Shackelford, Esq.

President, CEO and Chief Counsel of Liberty Insitute

"Saving My Assassin is captivating and you won’t be able to put it down. Virginia Prodan has written an incredible book that every American will want to read. It’s rare to find a book so well written, and so emotionally powerful, and yet teaching wonderful lessons about freedom and courage and the great moral principles to which we all need to aspire. This is a must read."

Bob Cornuke


"Saving My Assassin will grab your heart from the very start and pull you from a dark pit of hellish discouragement to the lofty ramparts of a hope fulfilled. This book is a lightning bolt of truth that sends out a thunderclap warning for all today. Not defeated by raw fear nor circumstances unimaginable this brave woman survived it all to find her name forever etched in the halls of heroic accomplishment. A must read that will defiantly inspire all that takes this incredible journey."

Former Senator Jim DeMint

President and CEO - The Heritage Foundation

“Saving My Assassin is a stirring account of valor under an oppressive regime and faith in the face of faithlessness. Prodan’s heartbreaking, inspiring life journey from Communist Romania to the birthplace of freedom will move readers of every background, and serves as a call to action for a new generation of Americans whose religious liberty is already under attack by the corrupt and powerful. Through persecution, conversion, exile, and triumph, Prodan reminds us: there is always hope.”

Rick Green

former legislator and author of Constitution Alive!

“Virginia’s riveting story of courage and faith is a great reminder of how precious freedom truly is and why it is so important to have those like Virginia willing to fight for that freedom in the courtroom and also the halls of our legislatures. Saving My Assassin also serves as a warning to all Americans that the brutality of tyranny often begins with the abuse of the judiciary, all while singing the praises of the rule of law.”

Rev. Pierre Bynum

Family Research Council Chaplain & National Prayer Director

"Virginia Prodan’s electrifying true story - Saving My Assassin - reads like a well-crafted novel, but burns with the power only truth can convey – and in a very personal way. America is not Ceaușescu’s Romania, but too many of our countrymen treat liberty casually, and some have traded their liberties for a mess of pottage. May God use Virginia’s story to stir Americans to take a stand for the liberty so many of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters have died to preserve."

This surprise encounter inspired “Saving My Assassin” (published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.) and proved without a shadow of doubt that nothing is impossible without God.

God Has a Grand Plan for You

I hope the lessons from my life story translate to your life, no matter your background or country of origin. My desire is that through reading my book and seeing how God used me to accomplish amazing things, you will realize that God has a grand plan to use you as well, and I pray you will not put off doing what God is calling you to do.

God assigns, provides, protects, and gives victory to those whom He calls. If this had not been true in my life, I would not be alive today to write this book. I hope to meet you one day on our journey together to victory!

Virginia Prodan is a human rights attorney, accomplished speaker, victory coach, author of a powerful memoir, and — above all — a Christian woman saved by God through impossible human circumstances.

Now, Virginia is on a mission to share the Gospel message with hurting people like the Securitate secret police that unjustly held her prisoner in Romania, confirm the Gospel message to Christians who need affirmation that God is active and powerful, and faithfully protect the freedom to openly speak God’s victorious truth in a dark world.

Virginia Prodan

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